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Interactive online training to connect with your intuition, give accurate readings, and become a master card reader

“The Chakra Wisdom Oracle is more accessible than the tarot and better than a personal psychic. It identifies the energies in your life and gives you the tools to change them. The results are fast and anyone can use it.”

– Pride & Equality


Learn practical tools

Most card reading courses focus on the cards, we focus on you and the tools you need to trust your intuition.


Gain intuitive confidence

We teach you the difference between your brain and intuition which allows you to trust the accuracy of your interpretations.


Give accurate interpretations

Since answers flow through you, not to you, we show you how an accurate reading feels and how to translate the cards as they speak to you in real time.

Take the 7-part Video Journey with Tori to discover 7 Ways Your Card Readings May Not Be Accurate!

By the end of this mini-course, you will awaken to how cards can transform your life and open the door for you to give life-changing readings.

You will learn why:

  • readings go south,
  • some readers get stuck (or freeze) during a reading.
  • knowing the difference between your brain and your intuition is vital.

This FREE MINI-COURSE with Tori will allow you to see why you no longer have to invest in things that don’t work. Get ready to let go of everything you think you know about card reading –and step into the world of being a card reader.

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    “In the beginning I was skeptical about the information, because I already knew the Rider-Waite deck (tarot) and thought that this deck would be something like that. I was very wrong! After a few lessons the course got me! After a while you can read the cards not only for yourself but also for others.”

    ~ Jeneke, Chakra Wisdom Card Certified Interpreter


    When it comes to tapping into their intuition during a card reading, many people find that their intuitive gift feels intermittent. They have the gift of intuition, they simply don’t have all the tools needed, and they don’t know where to start. The Chakra Wisdom Oracle – Interpreter Certification gives you the tools AND shows you how to implement them so that YOU become a sought after and accurate intuitive card reader.

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    It is painful to feel frozen in a reading, not sure whether it is your brain, or your intuition talking, and feel completely stopped by it. You will learn how to get clear on your own intuition, and get real tools to help you clarify intuitive messages from the cards, and how to apply these tools to keep a reading going, moving you right through your past block points.

    The Chakra Wisdom Oracle – Interpreter Certification is taught by Tori Hartman, creator of the bestselling Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, Toolkit and How to Read the cards. Tori has studied the intuitive arts for decades and became a sought after Hollywood psychic before her near death experience that invited in angels who brought each of the individual fables that the Chakra Cards are based on.

    Her card deck and books have spent nearly 4 years in the top ten on Amazon in 3 countries; and is now in 8 languages. She personally worked with hundreds of clients to help them clarify their life and validate their purpose. Tori isn’t what you’d imagine as a typical intuitive. Her down to earth manner, and plain “speak” brings people from all walks of life into a community many have never before experienced.

    Tori’s personal and professional goal has and will always be to teach others to do the work she does for them. That is, to learn to tap into their own intuition and develop it on their own, so that all the people she encounters can do what she does naturally and with confidence. Her Intuitive Reader Certification is a game changer for many as it has transformed the lives of the student, their families and given them the missing pieces to add to an already successful practice or is a powerful foundation to a career as an intuitive facilitator.

    In the 7 Part online Certification Training, you will:

    1. Learn the proven card reading tools that has been a complete game changer for thousands of successful therapists, facilitators and Tarot card readers worldwide. You will completely understand the difference between your brain and intuition and why it’s a vital tool to create a direct path to accurate readings.
    2. See how to apply these tools in your own life to get personal clarity and recognize the top skills all successful card readers do naturally, yet have never been taught before. This is completely new material designed to speak directly to your intuition as you become more and more comfortable translating your intuitive messages.
    3. Apply these skills to your readings, personal interactions, and watch how your natural manifesting skills expand! Chakra Wisdom Cards will help you create a fulfilling and inspiring spiritual path for yourself and with the same tools, you can give others the same gifts.

    Imagine having the clarity you crave AND being able to clear confusion for yourself and others instantly! Imagine knowing what works and not needing to sell, but rather attract what you truly desire.

    Once you find that inner clarity, and feel the validation that to this point has eluded you, you can and will know the how to as the clear path opens up before you. People that master their own intuition and learn to live intuitively are not only master manifesters, they find that what they really don’t want disappears and the truth of who they are shows up. Register for the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Interpreter Certification today and invest in your dream of being a confident and accurate card reader. Why? Because you know what will happen if you don’t. But the beauty of intuitive work is that you have no idea what will happen if you do it.  Start now. Trust your intuition. Be the risk you want others to take.

    “While I took the course thinking I would learn how to DO readings for others, what happened was I learned how to BE A READER. I gained the mastery needed over the array of tools and techniques, that Tori shared in the full training. The extensive nature of the work left me feeling comfortable and confident in this new service I can perform for my clients.”

    ~ Jerry Pape, Chakra Wisdom Oracle Master Reader

    “I have taken a lot of classes and a lot of high dollar classes, and this one is rock solid. It is meaty, deep material.Tori’s teaching segments lightens things up, then takes it deep, then lightens it up again. (She is so good at that!) It is fantastic.”

    ~ Susan


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