Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card – Interpreter Certification

Why the Chakra Wisdom Certification Training is For You

This powerful virtual training will guide you in applying the reading techniques that are proven to give you transformation that sticks.

  • Master simple tools to stay connected during readings
  • Step into intuitive confidence like never before
  • Learn to live in your emotions without being stopped by them
  • Uncover and develop your personal card reading style
  • Give readings that transform you and others
  • Finally know the difference between your brain and intuition

 While I took the course thinking I would learn how to DO readings for others, what happened was I learned how to BE A READER. I gained the mastery needed over the array of tools and techniques, that Tori shared in the full training. The extensive nature of the work left me feeling comfortable and confident in this new service I can perform for my clients.

~ Jerry Pape, Chakra Wisdom Oracle Master Reader

Your Easy Chakra Wisdom Oracle Internal Roadmap

1. Get the Course

2. Learn the techniques of card interpretation

3. Give Life Changing Readings

What the Interpreter Certification will do for You

The path to becoming a natural intuitive card reader!

Why you need the Chakra Wisdom Card Interpreter Certification

How would your world change if you really knew how to read the cards and felt completely natural and at ease as you did it? What if you could really feel connected with your readings and no longer secretly felt like an imposter? Would giving life-changing readings be inspiring? Would you like leading others to life-changing breakthroughs be an energizing and inspiring place to be?

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The Chakra Wisdom Oracle teaching has helped thousands of people find their life purpose and pursue their passion. They know the power of this material, yet they’re wondering if there is more to learn. Well to really read cards, the next step may involve throwing away all you have been taught about card reading? The most direct way to master an intuitive art is through your intuition, not your brain.

Chakra Wisdom Card readers are people who know that their brain was interfering with readings. They recognized that knowing the difference between their brain and their intuition was the game changer.  Those who read intuitively are inspirational facilitators, and those who aren’t often doubt themselves and guess during a reading.

Still, how do you do it? And how do you do it on a budget? The Interpreter Certification is a fun course that teaches you to create every piece of marketing you need to enjoy a sales funnel that works.

When you buy the course, we teach you the exact formulas necessary for each technique you will need to effortlessly step into card interpretation. Each concept you create will result in more and more intuitive trust. Your return on your investment is the inspired experience of the once missing connection with your spirituality. Your intuition will begin to speak the moment you say yes.

6 Powerful Chakra Wisdom Card Spreads from Life Purpose to Multigenerational Healing

Learn how the chakra map inside you is already guiding you with messages right away. And this is all designed for you to do at your own pace!

You Get The Complete Chakra Wisdom Oracle Interpreter Roadmap

This training is taught to your intuition, not your brain. You will uncover the 7 specific chakra wisdom oracle tools and concepts that have been proven to completely transform you.

  • Card Reading Layouts to elicit the information you need
  • Learn what creates breakthroughs in readings
  • Get clear intuitive messages using the tools you’ll learn
  • Learn how to create your own readings to reveal answers
  • Break the automatic patterns that have kept you stuck
  • Meet your Neutral Observer – the main tool you need to interpret the cards
  • All the basic building blocks of an intuitive reading. Done right. By you!

You Get the Entire Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Interpreter Program

This training is card reading as you wish it could be!

Who Teaches the Course?

Tori Hartman

Tori Hartman is the creator of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards and teaching. Her communication framework has helped more than 65,000 people worldwide clarify their intuitive messages, find their own voice and become a beacon to others. While she is among the top intuitives in the world, her intention is to make her job obsolete by teaching others to do what she does. She teaches certification to those who master their intuitive skills and master their intution – to help them create the life that has to this point eluded them.

In the beginning I was skeptical about the information, because I already knew the Rider-Waite deck (tarot) and thought that this deck would be something like that. I was very wrong! After a few lessons the course got me! After a while you can read the cards not only for yourself but also for others.

~ Jeneke, Chakra Wisdom Card Certified Interpreter

How will Intuitive Card Reading Mastery Change your life?

The Powerful Techniques and Tools We Teach Will Help You Create:

With this training


  • Readings that inspire
  • Connect with your intuition
  • Blocks that become ah-has
  • Know how to use your gift
  • Give confident, accurate readings
  • Become a beacon for others
  • Know your chakra map

Without this training


  • Feel like a fraud
  • Disconnected from your readings
  • Always if your readings will work
  • Struggle to give answers
  • Unsure of how to interpret a card
  • Stuck in a rut
  • Looking for missing pieces

What’s my investment?

How many readings are you left wondering if you said the right thing?  How many trainings are teaching you to memorize cards when you really need to work on card reading tools and techniques? Do you wonder why others can read cards effortlessly and it escapes you? How many more people can you help by learning the skills that will unlock your intuitive gifts? Not having insider tools has left you guessing.

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Interpreter Certification

  • 7-part program with videos to guide you in learning the tools
  • Downloadable Mp3’s to reinforce the video lessons
  • Fun quiz after each module for comprehension
  • Companion fun-book to follow each module
  • Videos of LIVE readings Tori did using the Chakra Wisdom Card Advanced Spreads

The Textbook for this course is How to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others (purchase separately)

The Deck for this course is the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards (purchase separately)

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Interpreter Certification


Self-Paced Course!

Included in this virtual online option:

  • Access to Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Interpreter Certification  Program. You can use these virtual modules whenever you want for your journey of self-discovery (a $997 value)
  • Access to the private Facebook Page – This is your chance to interact with others taking the course if you so choose
  • BONUS #1: Meditation for Card Readers Mp3
  • BONUS #2: Tori Reading the Fables Mp3s
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certified Seal
  • Upon completion of the course, access to the Intuitive Store to purchase advanced training items

This certification is normally priced at $997

But for today – you can get it for only


Payment Plan

  • Full Pay
  • 2-Pay Option
  • 3-Pay Option

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