8 Bi-Weekly Q&A video calls with Tori

Zoom.us will be the conferencing software used. It is compatible with most devices.

The calls will be recorded. If you miss a call, you can still keep up with the class by watching the recording and doing the work.

The course is divided into 7 sections. Each call a section will be covered.

You must do the work each week to participate in class. This way other students will not be held back.

In class, you can ask questions and interact on a personal level with Tori.

Calls are on Saturday at 3pm ET, starting January 11, 2020.

Fast-Track FAQs

If I buy the Self-guided Training and later want to do the Fast-Track Training…Can I upgrade?

Yes. For upgrade details please contact our support team!

Are the Fast-Track calls video or phone?

Video. We will use Zoom.us

How long are the Fast-Track Video Calls?

We schedule them for 1.5 hours, however plan for 2 hours. They often run over a few minutes.

Can I contact Tori directly with email or phone if I purchase the Fast-Track Training?

No. You can ask course questions in the live video calls. You can also post on the private facebook page. If you are having issues with the course write to support.

When does the Training start?

Package 1 is a self-paced FUNshop which means it starts whenever you would like to start. The videos, simple reading and online Fun-Book and super easy quiz (to make sure you are comprehending the material) are accessible in a remarkable new training platform called Learn-Dash that tracks your progress!

Package 2 you can start immediately with the self-paced version. The Fast-Track Training starts in November. Calls are held on Sunday. You will be notified with call-in details 2 days prior to the time of the calls (if you purchase the training).

Package 2 you can start immediately with the self-paced version. The Private Coaching with Tori will start within two weeks. You will be contacted to schedule a time that works for you and Tori.

I don’t know very much about Chakras. Is this training suitable for me?

Yes, absolutely! However, the question of whether anything suitable is up to you. If you have a love of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, you will hit the ground running! It starts the moment you register. You will walk through, in a completely unexpected process all the techniques and tools you will be able to utilize right away.

How do I access my Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Certification?

You will need a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection, browser, and a personal Facebook account to connect with others in the private group (if you choose to connect with others). 

Does the Training cost include the Card Deck, Toolkit or How to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others?

Oh! We wish we could! Believe it or not, as the author, Tori would pay more than you would even at a wholesale price. In fact, you will get a better price on Amazon or a local reseller as they get deeper discounts than the author.

You will need the Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck and the other two books (Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit and How to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others) for the training.

Do I receive 1-on-1 coaching or time with Tori if I purchase the Training?

Depends on the package you choose. Package 1 is a self-paced workshop comprised of videos and downloadable resources. I will actively participate in the Private Facebook Group, where you can ask me questions there. Package 2 is group coaching. You can raise your hand and ask questions during the live calls. Package 3 is Private Coaching. You will have zoom calls with Tori and be able to ask questions.

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