Chakra Wisdom Box and Cards

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Video 7: The Universal Consciousness in the Cards

Beliefs from Family that May be Holding You Back
Unwelcome Advice Halts Authentic Emotional Connection
Know the Difference between your Intuition and Ego
The Green Chakra Cards Reveal the Path of a Healing Heart
The Fifth Chakra Cards Reveal what we will Manifest.
Why Hidden Family Agreements Stop You
The Universal Consciousness in the Cards

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Chakra Wisdom Oracle box and cards

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  • Joyce McClure

    Hi Tori,
    I have experienced some magic since purchasing your cards and books, I am also working through your videos.
    My first week of connecting with the cards starting at the first one Renewal Geranium I experienced at my local coffee shop the owner picked a couple of flowers for me to have as cuttings in my garden and handed them to me on leaving, they were the deepest of red.
    A few days later at my art class the teacher handed me a red geranium to sketch no one else received the geranium only me.
    Reading on in your book I placed the cards under my pillow for the night . The next morning I had a memory of the card energy’s transferring from the cards into my body like an arched rainbow.

    A week later now connecting with my second card , I have been told ( from a stranger) that my grandmother is by my side in spirt I will know she is there if I smell the sent of flowers and how she loved flower. Well she was a florist most of her life. Thank you Joyce.

  • Gladys

    Hi Tori,
    Thank you so much for allowing me to watch the seven videos of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Mini-Course, they were really magic, very deep and inspiring. Sometimes, I felt like a little bit lost, I have to confess, but as you explained in your first videos, it must be my brain who wouldn’t allow my intuition to come in. I also want to thank you for the summit; oh my God, it was fabulous, you did an excellent job. I have learned a lot from you, as well as from all the great and outstanding people you interviewed. This was the first time I had the chance to watch it, so I will be looking forward for the next one.
    I have put this course that I really want to do in ‘my to do list’; unfortunately I can’t do it now, but it is one of my next projects.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful job, generosity and dedication.

  • chantel stork

    love course a tarot reader given a lot information thank you chantel blessings x

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