Chakra Wisdom Box and Cards

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Video 3: Know the Difference between your Intuition and Ego

Beliefs from Family that May be Holding You Back
Unwelcome Advice Halts Authentic Emotional Connection
Know the Difference between your Intuition and Ego
The Green Chakra Cards Reveal the Path of a Healing Heart
The Fifth Chakra Cards Reveal what we will Manifest.
Why Hidden Family Agreements Stop You
The Universal Consciousness in the Cards

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Chakra Wisdom Oracle box and cards

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  • Marie

    I was so impressed seeing you on the master card readers tour that I ordered your deck. Then I found out that you offered this free webinar on how to get the most from the deck. The fact that you offered this for free, really impacted me! It became even more apparent when you showed one of your books and stated it was not for a plug of the book, you just needed to use it for the lesson. This shows me that you are not only in it for the money, but to genuinely try to help people by teaching. A true sign of a real Lightworker! Where knowledge is far more important to you than money!
    Most creators do not realize that by having people buy their decks which seem to be increasingly expensive as of late! That this is the people who can’t afford the expense of the deck along with the high priced courses they offer on how to use them for the most benefit need them the most. They also seem to forget in calculating their prices the cost of shipping, import taxes if any and the money conversions. Is it not a good business idea to take this into consideration when putting the base cost of a deck so that you can sell to more people, than only hope for one big lump sum rush? These decks are going to be out there for years, so you will recoup whatever it is you think you will lose by keeping the deck cost low.
    I do understand the need to make money in your business. It’s not that I don’t get this, I do. What I am trying to get across is to make the money in a way a lot more people can benefit from being able to purchase your wares. Thank you for being one who seems to understand this! I have learned more from in this free webinar than anything I have paid for in the past! Thank you for this also as I do believe that with this knowledge, not only will I become a better reader, but it will help me to understand the things in me and cure them so they don’t keep eating me alive!

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